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Our Publications & Research

Journal Publications & Conference Presentations 

  • Du Plessis, G. P. (2010). The Integrated Recovery Model for Addiction Treatment and Recovery. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 5(3), 68-87.  
  • Du Plessis, G.P. (2012a). Integrated Recovery Therapy: Toward an integrally informed individual psychotherapy for addicted populations. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 7(1), 124-148. 
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (2012b). Toward an Integral Model of Addiction: By means of integral methodological pluralism as a metatheoretical and integrative conceptual framework. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 7(3), 1-24.    
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (2014). An Integral Ontology of Addiction: A multiple object existing as a continuum of ontological complexity. Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, 9(1), 38–54.  
  •  Du Plessis, G. P. (2013). The Import of Integral Pluralism in Striving Towards an Integral Metatheory of Addiction. Paper presented at The third biennial Integral Theory Conference, CA: San Fransisco, 20 July 2013.
  •  Du Plessis, G. P., Weathers, B. (2015). The Integral Jan Smuts. Paper presented at The Fourth International Integral Theory Conference, CA: San Francisco, 19 July 2015.
  • Du Plessis, G. P. & Newmark, R. (2018, March). Family and Commercial Mediation for Specialization Areas: Disability and Substance Abuse. Presentation at the Mediation and Justice in South Africa, Paarl, South Africa.
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (2017, August). Metatheory of Addiction: A Philosophical Perspective. Presentation given at Opioids and Harm Reduction in South Africa: Opening a Multidisciplinary Conversation. Johannesburg Institute of Advance Studies, University of Johannesburg.
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (2018, May). Introducing Mind-Body Bridging. Presentation given at the International Mind-Body Bridging Conference: Origin, Theory and Practice. University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (in press). An Existential Perspective in Addiction Treatment: A Logic-Based Therapy Case Study. International Journal for Philosophical Practice.
  • Nelson, D., & Weathers, R.S. (1998).  Necessary angels: Music and healing in psychotherapy.  Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 38, 101-108.
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Books and Book Chapters

  • Du Plessis, G. P. (2015). An Integral Guide to Recovery: Twelve Steps and Beyond. Integral Publishers: AZ, Tuscan.
  • Block, S., Block, C. & Du Plessis, G.P. (2016). A Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction: Effective tools for relapse prevention and recovery. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger. 
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (2017). An Integral Foundation of Addiction and its Treatment. Integral Publishers: AZ, Tuscan.
  • Du Plessis, G. P. (in Press). Some Incompatible Knots in Harm Reduction, in Let’s Talk About Opioids and Harm Reduction in South Africa.  HSRC Press (Edited Volume).   
  • Teyber, E., McClure, F., & Weathers, R.S. (2011).  Shame and the family: Transmission across generations.  In R. L. Dearing & J. P. Tangney (Eds.).  Shame in the therapy hour.  Washington, D.C.  American Psychological Association Press.
  • Weathers, R.S. (2000).  The rhythm of eros: A prospectus for analyzing human interaction in archetypal and clinical perspective.  In W. Riess (Ed.),Breakdown & breakthrough: Jungian psychology at the millennium.  San Francisco: C. G. Jung Institute. 
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  • Weathers, R. S.  (1990, March).   The real teacher: Principles for excellence in university teaching. Keynote lecture presented at the University-Wide Faculty Conference, Pepperdine University, Oxnard, CA.   

Publications in Development

  • Block, S., Block, C., Du Plessis, G. P. & Tollefson, D.  The I-System Model. Manuscript in preparation.  

  • Du Plessis, G. P. (Editor) The Collected Work of J.C. Smuts on Holism. Manuscript in preparation  
  • Weathers, R.S. & Kelly, C.M. Plural recovery: A couple’s guidebook for recovery and healing from addiction. Manuscript in preparation. 
  • Weathers, R.S. (2018). Un-Shaming: Forgiveness as daily practice. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Du Plessis & Weathers. Jan Smuts the Neglected Progenitor of Contemporary Integral Metatheory. Article in preparation.

Current Research Projects

  •  Du Plessis, G. P. Beyond the Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction: An Integral Meta-Therapy. PhD Thesis, Unisa, Department of Psychology
  •  Du Plessis, G. P. & Newmark, R. An Existential-phenomenological investigation of Quality of Life for Addicted Populations. (Research Project for Momentum Mental Healthcare South Africa)
  • Guy du Plessis is currently researching the relationship between ideology and addiction. I propose that ideologies are psychoactive and potentially addictive. Ideology addiction can be understood as a type of ideological possession and zealotry, with deleterious consequences for the individual and society. An individual in the grips of an ideology addiction exhibits psychological and behavioral patterns common to all addicted populations. From a psychodynamic perspective, ideology addiction can be understood as the result of a narcissistic disturbance of self experience and deficits in self capabilities. Consequently, the activism of an ideology addict is fundamentally a narcissistic project. A misguided attempt at self repair and satisfaction of archaic narcissistic needs, and seldom motivated by the ideals of the ideology.